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UPad-10 Tablet PC Based Ultrasound B Scanner(3D image optional)
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Ultrasound B Scanner
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UPad-10 is a ultrasound scanner that with touch screen, it is popular for its pretty appearance, powerful functions, and easy operation.
It is computer based so its functions is powerful, include can create detail diagnosis report, with large volume store, can work with any USB printer. And it also can use as a office computer when not use it as ultrasound scanner.
Its structure also is special, can put on desk, also can use as a palm model.
-10.4 inch LED touch screen, pretty, portable and light
-Full digital imaging technology, crystal-clear Image
-Abundant functions, powerful report management
-Large volume storage image and cineloop
-Wifi DICOM display and transfer
-Compatible with laser/inkjet printers
-Long work time by internal battery
-Also can use as Tablet PC
-Maximum Scanning Depth: max. 250mm
-Multi-frequency: 5 segment frequencies
-Cine Loop: max. 1024 frames
-Scanning mode: B, 2B, B/M, M, 4B, ZOOM;
-Real-time Zoom on B mode
-Image gray scale: 256 level gray scale
-Image processing: Pre-processing, after-processing, dynamic range, frame rate,line average, edge, enhancement, Black/White inversion; Gray scale adjustment, contrast, brightness, γ revision.
-Gain: 0-100dB; Time gain control(TGC): 8 segment adjustment, B, M adjustment separately.
-Measurement and calculation(human):
B mode: distance, circumstance, area, volume, angle, ratio, stenosis, profile, histogram;
M mode: heart rate, time, distance, slope and stenosis;
Gynecology measurement: Uterus, cervix, endometrium, L/R ovary;
Obstetric: gestation age(AC,BPD,CRL,FL,THD,GS,OFD,TIBIA,HC,TAD,FTA), fetal weight, AFI;
Cardiology: LV, LV function, LVPW, RVAWT;
Urology: transition zone volume, bladder volume, RUV, prostate, kidney;
Small parts: optic, thyroid, jaw and face.
Veterinary:Cattle: BPD, CRL, TD;Horse: GA; Dog: GS; Cat: HD, BD;Sheep: BPD, CRL, TD
-Supported output apparatus: U-Disk, Laser/ink printer, video printer, external screen
-Zoom: 10 ratio, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0
-Image store: by hardisk or USB disk
-Work time by battery: about 2 hours
-Monitor: 10.4 inch color LED touch screen
-Dimension of tablet: 1cm(height)×19cm (width) ×24cm(length)
-Weight: Around 1.5kg
-Probe Connector:1(USB port)
Standard Configuration:
-Host(windows tablet) 1 unit
-Convex probe(R60, 3.5MHz) 1pcs
-Power adapter and charger 1pcs
-Linear, trans-vaginal, micro-convex, rectal probe
-USB laser/ink printer, video printer
-USB to VGA adapter
-Ultrasound keyboard

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